Benefits of Downloading Movies Online

Since the proliferation of the Internet, the way that film aficionados watch movies at home has undergone a total overhaul. Sure, nothing beats the experience of sitting down in a movie theater, complete with popcorn and movie tickets – but home video viewing is still one of the most popular pastimes.

An Evolution of the Way that People Watch Movies

To have an idea about the changes that the way people access movies has evolved over the years, take a look at the following key dates:

1950’s – the Kodak 8 mm film became popular in the United States. The film can be viewed using projector equipment which became easily accessible to home owners back then. The downside is that these types of portable movie projectors did not have sound. This lasted well until the 1960’s.

1970’s – Color film and projectors with sound already existed, but their popularity weaned when the more practical home video system became popular.

1980’s – High quality home video systems in the form of laserdiscs became a hit.

1990’s up to 2000 – After laserdiscs, Video Compact Discs or VCD’s and Digital Video Discs or DVD’s became popular. Currently, High Definition or HD video technology, as well as Blu Ray discs are the preferred home entertainment options.

So How did Downloading Movies Over the Internet Come About?

Now that you have an idea about the evolution of the home entertainment system – what does this have to do with downloading movies online? Basically, since more and more people are unable to live without their personal computers or laptop computers, the need to have a ‘modern storage’ device for films has increased.

When you have a collection VCD or DVD movies – they actually take up precious space and they are sometimes inconvenient to carry. This is the reason why storing movie files on computers have become common practice. Instead of ‘burning’ your DVD movie from this portable storage device onto your computer – it is better and a lot easier if you will just download it from the Internet.

Now, when the way that people connect to the Internet was only limited to slow, dial-up modems – downloading a large music or video file may take hours. However, as Digital Subscriber Lines or DSL and broadband connections were developed – the downloading speed has been reduced, as the Internet speed increased.

So what does this mean for those who are downloading movies online? It means that the lesser time that they are able to download a full-length film online, the better they will be able to enjoy watching films on their laptops, desktop computers or modern digital home entertainment systems.

A Wide Array Benefits from Downloading Movies Online

So what are the benefits that you can get to enjoy by downloading movies online? Take a look at the following advantages:

1. Downloading movies online will give you an almost infinite number of films to choose from. There are probably a few sites which offer free viewing or downloading of movies – but the selection is often limited. However, if you will be a member of a legal movie downloading site – there will be literally thousands of classic and new films to choose from, depending on what you feel like watching.

2. There are a good number of reliable and popular sites which will allow you to downloading movies online in exchange of a one-time membership fee – or you can also make payments on a per-download basis. The good thing that came about when this type of watching and downloading movies online is that a good number of reliable and popular sites have emerged. By being a member of these movie download sites, you can pay a membership to download and watch an unlimited number of movies per month – while there are some ties which allow you to pay and watch on a per-download basis.

3. Today, downloading movies online only takes half the time that it used to take when this practice of accessing and storing movies was not popular yet. Again, because of the improvement of the Internet speed provided to online users today, downloading a full-length film only takes a few minutes to less than an hour.

4. As compared to renting videos, downloading movies online from legal sites is much cheaper and more convenient. Because of the popularity of this medium, the competition between movie download sites became stiff – which is to the benefit of online users who can take advantage of the cheaper rates.

5. Downloading movies online from legal sites is much safer as compared to doing it from “free” peer-to-peer sites. Finally, downloading movies from legal sites is safer, more cost-effective and often quicker as compared to doing it from “free” peer-to-peer sites.

True enough, the way that film buffs gain access to the movies that they love to watch have experienced an overhaul: with the emergence of movie downloading sites.


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